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Information About Your Property Taxes: Dutchess County Property Tax Rolls. When the rolls are available, you will be able to see what your current property.

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New York courts are no exception. Even in the present day few individuals escape mention from a court room records at some time all through their everyday life as witnesses, litigants, jurors, appointees to office or as petition signatories. Nonetheless Americans of a few of generations ago also expected to be present before local court procedures should they were in session. It became a civic duty and they also could very well be fined if they could not attend. New York court files reflect U. Tucked away in courthouses as well as archives everywhere are the aspirations and concerns of lots of citizens.

Archival Collections of Court Records and Court Annual Reports

The odds are excellent that your ancestors have left a concise record of at least some areas of life in a court room records. The majority of Americans purchased at the very least some land just before the twentieth century, making individual land records a powerful resource for genealogists. As a result, virtually every researcher, regardless of whether a veteran professional or weekend enthusiast, has needed land records to prove the existence, association, or movement of an individual or ancestral family.

Deeds, legal records for transferring land or property from one individual to another, are the most used of the land records, and can provide a reputable method of tracing ancestors when no additional record might be located. Deeds are usually reasonably straightforward to uncover and frequently offer you a variety of information.

See Also Guide to U. Land Records Research. Probate records is usually an exceptional resource of genealogical details. In probate records, you will find the will, that will tell you what sorts of belongings the deceased acquired. In addition they often include the names of heirs, and their relationship to the deceased.

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Probate Records Research. Surviving New York tax records begin on a county basis in the late s. Tax Records Research. Naturalization is the course of action of approving citizenship to foreign-born residents. Evidence that an immigrant completed citizenship requirements may be discovered in censuses, court minutes, homestead records, passports, voting registers, and military papers.

Even if an immigrant ancestor failed to complete the process and turn into a citizen, she or he might have submitted a declaration. These types of declarations may be very helpful.

Corbett v City of New York (Gun Licensing) - Oral Arguments in N.Y. Supreme Court, App. Div.

Many types of documents were produced through the naturalization process, which includes declarations of intention, petitions for naturalization, oaths of allegiance and certificates of naturalization and citizenship. Every single document may give details about a person, such as age, residence, country or city of origin, ethnic background, the date and port of arrival, the name of the ship, names of spouse and children with their birth dates and places, and earlier residences or current address. Immigration Records Research.

Q. How can I access dockets, court records, and filings?

New York contains 62 counties. Each county is the local level of government within its borders.

The links in the table below link to county and city government offices and is limited to government-maintained websites. If you know of a New York county that has an official government web site but is not linked, or if the link is in error, please contact us so we may edit our database. New York State Government is located in Albany. New York Court Records Virtually all courts in America are courts of record that is they are required by law to maintain a record of the proceedings.

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New York Land Records The majority of Americans purchased at the very least some land just before the twentieth century, making individual land records a powerful resource for genealogists. New York Immigration Record Books amazon. Forgot Password. Please enter your email address or username below. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about.

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Skip to Main Content. Sign In. County Clerk Overview As an elected official, the county clerk serves as a state constitutional officer when officiating in the capacity as clerk to State Supreme Court and County Court.

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That position carries the responsibility for custodial care of the official civil and criminal records of those courts which are on file in this office.