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Information About Your Property Taxes: Dutchess County Property Tax Rolls. When the rolls are available, you will be able to see what your current property.

For example, giving someone that beautiful fruitcake that has been sitting in pantry for awhile, you can wrap it with pages from the bakeries section.

Weak Guy Learns How to Rip a Phonebook In Half

Speed up the ripening process by wrapping tomatoes and pears in individual pages. Store them in a cool, dry place until perfectly ripe. The phone pages are heavy and cover a large mass, and will instantly eliminate any bug that may be crawling by.

How to Tear a Phone Book in Half

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Kindling For Your Fire With those cold autumn nights around, you may want to start a fire in your outdoor fire pit or cozy up to the fireplace, or even light up your grill. Clean Your Windows If you are trying to conserve paper in your home, cleaning your windows with pieces of the phone pages, may be the best solution. Instant Booster Seat Have a small child, the phone book is the perfect size to give your little toddler the extra boost to see over the table. Your Own Pen Holder We thought this was a genius way to create your own pen organizer with the phone book.

However, if you want to use more than the weight of a scientist you may wish to use wider bars and drill holes through the books to bolt them in place. If you don't have access to large phone books or don't have a couple spare hours to spend shuffling pages, you can still achieve an impressive demonstration with just a couple of magazines.

MythBusters pulling on a phone book: You are doing it wrong.

Two page magazines can provide a friction force of maybe a few hundred Newtons, more than the paper itself can support. This experiment is a little hard to believe unless you try it with your own hands. When I demonstrate this at school, I inevitably get claims that the books are glued or taped together. If students can watch you shuffle the books together a time consuming process! Skip to main content.

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Average: 3. Select rating hated it didn't like it liked it really liked it loved it Cancel rating. But there is also adhesive friction, like how rubber bonds with asphalt.

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Think of getting chewing gum stuck to your shoe on a hot day; every time you take a step, the stickiness of the gum slows you down a bit. When it comes to interleaved phone books, the friction is so strong, it can lift a car off the ground.

We Finally Know Why It's So Damned Hard to Pull Phone Books Apart

Hector Alcaron and Frederic Restagno, both with the Universite Paris-Sud, teamed up with colleagues to devise a mathematical model that could resolve the mystery once and for all. They took pairs of booklets of varying thickness between 12 and pages and interleaved them, measuring the force being exerted as they tried to separate the booklets.

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They just published their findings in Physical Review Letters. In particular, they found that even a slight increase in the number of pages had a dramatic effect on how much force was required to separate the phone books. The same was true when they increased the area of overlap contact between pages.