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Information About Your Property Taxes: Dutchess County Property Tax Rolls. When the rolls are available, you will be able to see what your current property.

The Commission strives to provide quality justice services to all the citizens of North Carolina. These Core Values guide the Commission in all its deliberations and decision making: Make no decision unless it is thoroughly researched, explained and evaluated by Commission members, those they represent and other constituencies.

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The Act created the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission and led to the adoption of minimum entrance standards, as well as mandatory basic training requirements, for all sworn law enforcement officers, effective in Please visit the NC Justice Academy website for. A member of our staff will research the application and will contact you regarding the status of the certification. The Commission meets quarterly and maintains a record of minutes from each meeting.

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Responsible for long-range planning activities of the Commission and conducts rule-making hearings. Conducts probable cause hearings for officers used of Commission rules violations. The Commission and its staff operate under the guidance and direction of a System Plan, which the Commission updates and adopts every three years. Vision The system of selection, training, and retention of criminal justice officers will support the continued professional development and growth of all officers and the most effective and ethical provision of protection to all citizens.

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It then assesses three general legal regimes that might provide governing standards applicable to military commission procedures: 1 law of war treaties ratified by the U. After considering both the impact on the current military commissions and the arguments for and against application of each of these standards, the paper concludes that Article 75 of Additional Geneva Protocol I of , establishing baseline protections for persons not benefiting from more specific treaty provisions, should be the governing international standard.

Although not ratified by the United States, this article should apply to the WAQT as being declaratory of customary international law. While the argument for application of CA3 is shown to be weaker than Hamdan portrays it, there would be nothing inconsistent with Hamdan in applying Article 75 as an adjunct to interpreting CA3 as advocated by the plurality opinion.

What would be legally inconsistent would be allowing acts justified by the customary law of war to be conducted entirely free of the constraints that body of law imposes. Keywords: military commission, law of war, terrorism, war crimes, Geneva Conventions, war on terror.

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In addition, local courts may have rules that apply to juvenile courts in that county or judicial district. Indigence determination is not required because appointment of counsel is automatic for unrepresented youth in delinquency proceedings, provided the youth has not waived counsel.

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The [youth] may withdraw the waiver at any stage of the proceeding, at which point the court must appoint counsel. Provisions for the detention of youth are found in Ind. The U. Constitution and Supreme Court case law are also sources of due process rights beyond local and state statutes and provisions.

The legal needs of youth in the delinquency system rarely end at disposition, and states vary in the way they provide a right to representation on these post-disposition issues.

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Indiana statutes list no post-disposition proceedings at which youth have a right to counsel. In Indiana:. Despite the existence of juvenile courts, many youth are still tried as adults.