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Information About Your Property Taxes: Dutchess County Property Tax Rolls. When the rolls are available, you will be able to see what your current property.

As an Employee, the Preferred Name Service is available to you which allows you to specify how your First and Middle names are displayed. If your HR office has updated your Legal name and it is not being updated in the White Pages, please navigate to the Preferred Name app and make sure you do not have a preferred name set up.

Please follow the instructions here for your updated legal name to be displayed in the White Pages. Home contact information is never listed and consequently the "Release Home Information" option in HRS has no effect on what is listed in the white pages. All employees are listed in the directory and cannot be removed except in cases where the individual is a victim of harassment or whose safety is otherwise endangered, and only at the request of University Police or the Office of Campus Information Security.

Employees with multiple jobs will only have two of them listed. The primary job as listed in HRS will be listed first, followed by other jobs in order based on percentage of employment. These will not overwrite entries for employees, but may cause a second or third, or fourth entry to appear.

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Secondary office addresses in HRS are not and cannot be displayed. Changes to department names in HRS will have no impact on what is displayed in the white pages. Department name changes should be performed following the HR procedure , which should inform the budget office. By design, student employees are presumed to exist in the directory because of their presence as a student, and information listed in HR will not be displayed for them in the White Pages.

As a consequence, student employees who are not students at UW-Madison are not listed. People who are simply retirees will not appear in the white pages.

The bill gained some traction , but appears to have stalled for this year. The Product Stewardship Institute has a good compendium of related legislation in other US cities and states. And how else can the legislature do so much good with a one-sentence amendment? It cuts costs for companies, reduces waste and pollution, and alleviates a minor headache for millions of consumers.

Now all we need is a bill introduced by some talented young legislator looking to chalk up a bipartisan win and snag a few headlines…. Representative Joe Fitzgibbon , this one has your name all over it.

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Thanks to Jeanette Henderson and Rashad Morris, both of whom contributed information that helped make this post possible. Leave ideas in comments or email them to me at eric-at-sightline-dot-org. You can power us forward on sustainable solutions. Make a donation to Sightline now. I used to work at the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission and did some research on telephone directories.

BTW, I like the proposal for opting out of directory delivery. The reason that a directory is required deals directly with network economics. The value of a telephone comes from being able to connect to other people and businesses; in order to do so, you need to find their number. Times have changed, however. People choose unlisted numbers. Our devices now remember numbers for us, and the internet provides us with other methods of research.

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I would hope that a rule change by the Commission, such as you propose, would still require the local exchange company to provide a listing of subscribers in alternative formats e. Good luck! Albert Kaufman. Thanks for the information. People who would like to see this system changed, can sign our petition at. The 5 million tons quoted above is low. S Hobbs. Phone books today are not made by using trees.

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Directory paper is produced from recycled content and from woodchips leftover from the lumber industry. We believe that Yellow Pages should only be delivered to consumers who want them. Now you have to pay an online company to get that information. Back in the day, large libraries carried the phone books for the whole country.

When they stopped delivery here NY they were supposed to allow online access. They do, sort of, but finding the website is not an easy task. So maybe the change to the law should address this issue.

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Most of them have the numbers they want or need written down and even with a landline you can get it hooked up to a modem and look a number up on your computer which is literally over one million percent better than a phone book. Please keep it civil and constructive.

Why You Can’t Stop the White Pages

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