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I have a sero plan and I'm looking to take over another. Let me know, thanks! If anyone wants another SERO plan, message me. I'm trying to get rid of mine.

Where do I find my Employer ID Number (EIN)? TurboTax Support Video

I tried calling but couldn't get a CSR that would do the transfer. If someone wants my plan and wants to do the footwork of finding someone to do the transfer, please PM me.

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I do not need to keep my number. Joined: Nov 24, Messages: 7 Likes Received: 0. You must initiate transfer. Details of plan as some requested. Joined: May 12, Messages: 5 Likes Received: 0. PM me with offers. I have this listed on eBay and other forums so keep that in mind. Plan ONLY. Eligible for upgrade June You must have sero account to do transfer.

Out of contract since so full upgrade available. Yes, FREE. To to the transfer, you must already have SERO account. I am busy with my work, so you must initiate transfer by contacting Sprint. I will give you the information you and Sprint need and help you during the process. PM me if you are interested. You would need to do the TOL. My phone will be out of contract by end of July and eligible for upgrade in June 1st. Please PM me. SeroPlanMan New Member. Joined: Jun 3, Messages: 1 Likes Received: 1.

PM me. Sarah crank New Member. When is the contract up? PM me please. Joined: Jun 17, Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0. I do have a sero account. Kind of a repost. My phone will be out of contract by end of July and eligible for upgrade right now. Have sero Plan is month to month and has upgrade available now. Asking You need to do the TOL. You need to have Sprint employee account for TOL. Sero plan wanted with an immediate upgrade available. I have an eprp plan already.

Please pm me. It could be that they are actually trying to 'help' you by accepting the ID number in lieu of a valid sprint employee email address. Like I said this plan and its requirements have changed no less than 4 times in the last year alone. I would also say that keep trying by placing repeated phone calls to get different customer support people. What one will accept the next will most probably tell you is impossible.

Originally Posted by Bugsmasher. But they already have me signed-up for the current plan If I didn't have the plan Because it says right on my receipt that I have the plan. Because, if I get the phone tomorrow, and I don't have a plan Last edited by Bugsmasher; at AM. While I understand that you consider your case to be universal in nature I can quite assure you that its not. I can assure you simply because I have ordered 4 lines of SERO service with Sprint and each time the requirements to get the actual line have been different.

Not stated on the website as different but in order to go through validation they were different. Oh, and it seems if you read the fatwallet forums thread that experience of varying requirements has been noticed and noted by many many people SERO Line 1 - savings sprintemi. Had to look up a valid employee email. SERO Line 3 - savings sprintemi. I was contacted after my status had already been updated to 'Phone has been sent for delivery' on the order status page.

I was transferred to a second person in CS. I tried to setup the second account but was told each person can have only one acct. Was transferred to a third person in CS who told me that was fine because I could get up to 6 lines of service with Sprint on my primary account. Called back to correct my existing order for a second line of SERO service with a 4th person in CS and was told the order was cancelled and I needed to resubmit a new order. Did so using the savings sprintemi. SERO Line 4 - savings sprintemi.

After considerable bouncing around between various customer service personel I was told finally that they would waive that requirement for me this one time.

Getting a New Treo p on a Sprint PCS SERO Plan

So, while you may consider yourself to be a walking talking breathing universal constant I would like to point out the fact that other people have had other results when dealing with Sprint customer service shows that results may vary. Due to this fact I suggest people be prepared in order to avoid having their orders cancelled in the confusion that seems to be Sprint Customer Service. After all with the short amount of time left on the order it doesnt make sense not to make certain the order goes through as planned.

Sprint will fix it if its not working at that point because you can still walk away from the service. After 30 days things get much much harder because you are 'locked in' and they dont have to go the extra mile to keep you as a customer -Via Google get employee addresses and have them written down so if and when SERO customer service calls for validation you have backups. If you do not they can cancel the order and ask you to resubmit. In the past this has not been a big problem but considering the plan goes out of service tomorrow dont take chances. Congratulations on having a problem free order however.

Lasty keep in mind the biggest knock on Sprint is their complete and utter lack of quality Customer Service. You can read page after page about problems with Sprint CS with just a little searching on the net. I would not suggest someone risk getting the plan considering the well known lack of competence of Sprint Customer Service. Dot your 'I's and cross your 'T's on this one. Well it looks like I was right.

So if I don't catch the guys in the neighborhood later tonight, it will be back on Monday. Like I said: I was pretty certain that since I did the confirmation on the phone they were sending it. The UPS truck went by at about miles an hour.

If it had been any other day it would've taken me a fraction of a second to realize what it was. But my two tires were already on the street. Within seconds I had caught up with it near the stop sign at the corner. I had no idea the truck was coming. I knew UPS made nightly pickups, but I hadn't seen one at night since winter haven't gone out much. I just happened to be making corn bread and figured, while it was cooking, I'd go around the corner for some ginger ale. Things like this happen to me allllllll the time. So I've got the phone in my hands now.

Sprint - Everything Plus

Now I just have to find out what features I'm missing. Though I probably won't be activating it it doesn't come pre-activated. Thanks again WA77S, if all works out according to plan, this phone will be a reaaaaaal life-saver in the coming months.

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Now off to for one of those free slurpies I've been on Sero for awhile now with Q9C. I had a nextel phone with the sero plan before. Last edited by sct; at PM. Using the email provided in the OP, or sometimes using googled " mail. Please check the spelling of the information entered. Return to entry page. To shop at our regular store, please visit Sprint.