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The ultimate guide to customizing the ultimate Android home screen

After choosing a cinemagraph, tap on "Preview" at the top of the screen. Once you're in the preview section, the app will give you the option of resizing by hitting either the plus or minus signs to fit the cinemagraph to your display. You can also adjust animation speed by tapping on the rewind and fast forward symbols. After you've sufficiently adjusted the size, tap the check mark in the upper-right corner.

Once done, center the cinemagraph to fit your screen, then tap on "Set As Wallpaper" to finalize your work. From here, head out to your home screen, and you should have a nice little cinemagraph to greet you every time you unlock your device! How are enjoying LoopWall?

How to Customize Your Android Phone Exactly How You Like It

Be sure to leave your comments below and tell us what you think of this nifty little app. Once you have done that, go back to the same drop-down menu and select Make Frames from Layers. Next, under each frame, select how long you would like each frame to appear before moving on to the next frame.

For this tutorial, we are going with 0. Further, you can also choose how many times you would like it to loop. If you want it to repeat, select Forever.

Next, choose the type of GIF you would like to save it as from the drop-down menu. If you have gradients, go with Dithered GIFs to negate color banding, but if you have a lot of colors, then choose no dither.

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